Iron Horse Park

Railway hobby related items FOR SALE by our members.

This is available for sale to members and to the general public.

7-1/2" Gauge. Maintenance of Way section car.

This is a Roll Models (RMI as they are now called) MOW section car with 2 x 24 volt, 5/8 HP motors (one on each axle). It has a sound system. It is very powerful if you use 4 x 12 volt batteries in it. Currently it is only running with 2 x 12 volts as it is strictly used in an indoor, warehouse track. There it is set with the speed control to a maximum at about 1/3. With 4 batteries it would likely pull 2 cars with passengers.

A 24 volt custom battery charger for the unit is included. It weighs about 300lbs with batteries which makes it quite heavy for the owner to move.

RMI's current price is US$10,000. Asking price is around $6,500 Cdn.
Full specs can be seen on the RMI website
Here is a link to the Full Specs

Please contact Dr Bob Mitchell via email at or call him on his cell at 403 861-2178.